Champion Kalina Imperial Luna.   D.O.B. 1.11.1974

Sire Ch Kalina Imperial  Arrow.     Dam Kerovina Tarena.


A Rebel of Kobe grandson this dog was my introduction to the breed.

A very strong temperament made it difficult when I decided to show him at the age of 18 months.

At a show one day Jane Sydenham-Clarke offered to handle him for me and they became a formidable team.

In a very short show career he won numerous groups culminating in Best In Show at Western Suburbs Kennel Club Show in 1978 with an entry of over 2000 dogs. Not an unusual number at the big shows in those days.

Luna set the standard of the breed for me.


Champion Ladara Fair Zaminka               D.O.B 27.08.1976

Sire Fairvilla Tsarovitch (Imp U K) Dam Ch Ladara Imperial Velvet.

 Minka was purchased from John Eddy and was a lovely bitch and a joy to show. She taught me a lot and we won Puppy in Show at the 1977 Championship Show. She was full of life and I was devastated when I lost her to cancer at the age of six.


Champion Kalina Fair Zala               D.O.B 21.10.1978

Sire Faivilla Tsarovitch         Dam Kalina Silver Zala.


Another beautiful bitch and an absolute joy to have around. She started life as the most beautiful baby but when she went into the uglies we thought she would never come out of them. She didnít start to bloom until she was 14 months old after we had almost given up hope. She won many large bitch challenges, in groups and an exhibit in group. A wonderful mother to her pups and very much a part of everything that was going on.


Champion Mezen Uki Sailor             D.O.B 21.09.1982

Sire Aust & NZ Ch Kalina Imperial Ureka   

Dam Ch Ladara Fair Zaminka.  

We lost Zaminka not long after she had this litter so we had to keep something from her. Sailor was my first home bred Champion. A dog slow to mature, as many Samoyeds are, I learned to be patient and that most Samoyeds, especially the males are not at their best until about five years of age. He went on to win a Best in Show all Breeds and the one we are most proud of Best in Show at the Samoyed Club Championship Show in 1987. Sailor spent his final years with John Eddy where he lived the life of ease. 

Champion Kalina Kirof Kozak      D.O.B 01.01 1989

Sire Ch Snowski Royal Beau          Dam Kalina Fair Zamir 

Another imposing dog with a strong but loving temperament Rosco did well in the ring with group and in group wins to his credit.

He did much to stamp beautiful heads into my lines. Very much a manís man he didnít play nice with other males.

A special mention to

Kalina Silver Star D.O. B.08.10 1986.

Sire Kalina Silver Samovar dam Kalina Nova Tchta

A pretty bitch Zia just did not like the show ring. She wanted to be at home to rule the other dogs.

This bitch taught me the importance of a true brood bitch. She was a good whelper, a good mother and consistent in what she threw in her puppies. Invaluable to the kennels. She also gave me


Mezen Antartic Jacko. D.O.B 31.01.1990

By Eng Ch Annecyís Cool Million (Imp U.K).

Jacko was sold as a baby puppy but his owners had trouble with him. He had won numerous baby in group and minor in group and I think puppy, as well as a few challenges. They had him debarked twice but he still managed to find voice so at eighteen months of age they brought him back from Bendigo to see me. I told them to leave him here.

Very full on and starving for attention he settled in here.

He was shown a few times and was perfectly well behaved for a then very young Kate. He was no trouble to show but I could not walk away from him so we left him home most of the time. He did manage  Best in Group.

He turned out to be a very useful stud dog and his daughters did well put back to Rosco as did Roscoís Daughters back to him. He has left us with the beautiful Tarsiebelle Mon Kahlua who is the lynchpin of our breeding today.

There are many other dogs who have played their part in Mezen Kennels and I am thankful to them all.



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